Unfortunately, Bed Bath & Beyond’s return policy gets a little more confusing when dealing with mattresses.

Returning an air mattress? Get out the calendar: according to the Bed Bath & Beyond website, you’ll have 90 days to return unopened air mattresses. However, things change the second you open the box. If your air mattress has been opened, you’ve got 60 days from the purchase date to exchange it “for a similar item only” — no returns allowed. If you’re between the 60 and 90-day mark and haven’t tried your air mattress yet, we’d recommend returning and repurchasing it. That way, you’ll have a little more flexibility if things don’t work out.

If you’re unhappy with a regular mattress, things get even more strange. According to the returns FAQ, you have 120 days to exchange a regular mattress (no returns allowed) — but Bed Bath & Beyond requests that you wait until day 30 to initiate an exchange. Unfortunately, it isn’t clear if this is a polite request or a hard company policy. Plus, even though you’ll have slept on the mattress for 30 days, it’ll need to be “undamaged, unsoiled, and free of stains with law tags attached” — a reasonable request for returns in general, but a bit odd when they’re making you continue using the mattress. You’ll also have to pay $99 for the exchange (which covers pickup/processing fees), plus the price difference between the mattresses.


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