These home improvement products aren’t things that will force you to spend an entire weekend fixing or redoing something, but they will make your home more comfortable, organized, and aesthetically pleasing. In fact, tons of Amazon reviewers love these 45 cheap home improvement products because they quickly make such a huge difference. So, if you’re scared of overwhelming home projects, these products are the way to go.

If you’re looking for the quickest way to upgrade your dwelling, grab the surge protector or the velvet hangers on this list. The surge protector plugs right into your wall outlet — you don’t need to make room for extension cords or unscrew your outlet cover. It has a clever shelf for your charging items and a nightlight that give you a quick-home improvement feeling. Oh, and those velvet hangers simply take as long as you take to re-hang all of your clothes, and they’ll keep even your silkiest, slinkiest tops from falling in the closet.

I promise, the other budget-friendly products are still super quick. Plus, so many of them let you avoid measuring things. Like the wooden bookshelf that will definitely fit on your desk because you can stack it in four different ways. Or even the wall-mounted toothbrush holder that you can hang anywhere.

Trust me — you’ll actually have time to install and use these cheap home improvement products, and you’ll be so glad that you did.


These Drawer Dividers To Match & Organize Your Dresser

These bamboo drawer dividers come in three neutral colors to perfectly go with your existing furniture. With a matching color, these expandable dividers will look like you splurged on an expensive dresser with built-in organization. They’ll stay secure with the spring design and rubber pads on each end, which also help to protect your dresser. These water-resistant dividers will help keep your dress shirts separated from your T-shirts and look so chic while doing so.

One reviewer raved: “These drawer dividers are great! They fit perfectly into the drawer (they are adjustable) and they match the wood so they look built in. They are sturdy and well made, highly recommended.”


A 4-Pack Of Adhesive Lights That You Can Control & Dim With A Remote

These adhesive lights can add a little extra illumination in any space, whether you want to highlight something or brighten up a shadowy area. These touch lights work equally well on your bookshelf, under your kitchen cabinets, or in the closet. You can use the remote to dim them for a seriously luxe lighting situation or set timers, which makes these especially handy.

One reviewer raved: “These were super easy to install – adhesive included or screw in if you’d like.I love that you can adjust brightness. My husband likes them at 50%. We like the timer option, too. And it was important to me to be able to turn them on by touch if the remotes walked off.”


A Memory Foam Bathmat That You Can Wash & Dry Easily

This memory foam bath mat dries super quickly, but you’re going to want to refresh it at some point. Thankfully, you can easily clean it in your washing machine and dry it in the dryer whenever you want. This …….


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